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Gel Polishes are a breakthrough technology that combines

the ease of color polish with the permanence of gels, no nail filing

required at all, & the best part is it soaks off in 10-15 minutes!

Now you can enjoy 14 days of flawless color, designs & shine!

We have a wide selection of other gel polish brands & effects to pick from.

Gel Mani (Hands or Toes) $30-$35

French Gel Mani (Hands or Toes) $35

Two Tone French Gel Mani (Hands or Toes) $38-$40

Gel Spa Manicure $45-$50

French Gel Spa Manicure $50

2 Tone French Gel Spa Manicure $58-$60

Gel Spa Pedicure $65-$70

French Gel Spa Pedicure $70

2 Tone French Gel Spa Pedicure $78-$80

* Look to the Nail Art Menu for design options.

** Gel Manis only include Jade’s* Signature Mini Manicure,

unlike Gel Spa Manicures & Spa Pedicures

which include much more.